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Tomfoolery and trickery for April Fool’s! Host Nick Spitzer’s chair is grabbed by pretenders seeking to impose their own music mix. Spitzer reclaims power in time to revisit several hoaxes in the history of American music and radio.


The music and life of 88-year-old Herb Jeffries, lead singer and last surviving member of Duke Ellington’s legendary “Blanton-Webster” band of the early 1940s. Jeffries—called “the Bronze Buckaroo—was also the first Black star of a cowboy movie; his theme song, “I’m a Happy Cowboy” comes from the 1938 Western “Harlem on the Prairie.”


Travel down Stephen Foster’s mythical Suwanee River, stomp through the Everglades, and ride on the Orange Blossom Special to discover the Lost Florida. With music from the late great yarn spinner Gamble Rogers, Cuban bassist Cachao, sacred steel guitarist Glenn Lee, southern rocker Wayne Cochran, blues pianist Ida Goodson and much more.


From Bourbon Street to Vegas: a look at New Orleans native and trumpeter Louis Prima, the originator of what’s known as the Vegas lounge sound. Nick Spitzer interviews Prima band members—-saxophonist Sam Butera and singer/ex-wife Keely Smith—and talks with Vegas gamblers and a pastor at a 24-hour wedding-chapel.


The music of Carnival across the Americas, with glances at the surrounding history and customs, plus tape from New Orleans’ celebration: brass bands, parades, Mardi Gras Indians, Creole cowboys and more.